Transform your tired and run down concrete pool with Jadan Pool Renovations. Over the year’s pools can become discoloured due to weather, exposure to U.V. rays, use of chemicals and neglect. With our innovative approach we will restore your existing pool and bring it back to life.

With a great choice of colours, Jadan Pool Renovations can apply a bright, vibrant and long-lasting finish. Added benefits including a quick restoration process and a cost saving as opposed to replacing your pool, make Jadan Pool Renovations the go-to in concrete pool renovations.


The Process


Completely drain the pool using advanced technology pumps

We pump all the water out of the pool using various methods depending on the site situation.


Inspect and repair any holes or patches in the pool surface

Our staff are experts in this field, and carefully look for any existing damage to the concrete pool surface.


Clean the pool and acid etch to prepare it for resurfacing

Using industry specific cleaning agents we clean the pool to ensure the new layers will go onto a prepared surface.


A special coat of X40 epoxy basecoat is applied to the surface

The X40 prepares the surface and acts as a bonding layer between the existing concrete and new colour.


Two coats of AquaBRIGHT are applied using our innovative Pro Vortex Gun

Our highly trained applicators apply two separate coats of the AquaBRIGHT product to the pool surface.


Pool is refilled and water is balanced

Your pool is chemically re-balanced after completion so you can enjoy your new renovated backyard pool.