Perth’s Fibreglass Pool Renovation Specialists

Brighten up your old and faded fibreglass pool with Jadan Pool Renovations. Our resurfacing process is designed to rejuvenate the existing shell and bring your pool back to life.

We use the latest technology in swimming pool resurfacing which is quick and hassle free. With a great range of pool colours, you will be able to get long lasting durable results, which will restore and protect your fibreglasspool.


The Pool Renovation Process


Completely drain the fibreglass pool using advanced technology pumps and position props.

We  pump all the water out of the fibreglass pool. The props are placed in the pool to prevent the pool from moving inwards as the pressure from the water has been removed.


Clean and rub back the pool shell and repair any existing damage

Using industry specific cleaning agents we clean the pool and inspect the existing shell for any chips or cracks in the gelcoat, making the repairs as necessary.


A special coat of X40 epoxy basecoat is applied to the pool surface

The X40 prepares the pool surface and acts as a bonding layer between the existing pool shell and new colour.


Two coats of AquaBRIGHT are applied using our innovative Pro Vortex Gun

Our highly trained pool colour applicators apply two separate coats of the AquaBRIGHT product to the pool surface.