Why choose Jadan Pool Renovations for your pool resurfacing/renovation project? The choice is easy!



  • pH Neutral Surface: The finish applied by Jadan Pool Renovations is inert and does not react with water chemistry.
  • Easy Chemistry: With a neutral surface, it is easy to balance the water. Pools will effectively use less chemicals and owners will find it easy to maintain a proper pH and chlorine level.
  • Repairable: Should a pool experience any minor cosmetic damages, we can quickly and easy repair the surface. We simply reheat and melt the materials to heal any damage, and restore the glossy finish.
  • Balance and Swim: On handover, there is nothing to do other than “Balance and Swim”. Simply fill the pool, balance the water chemistry and away you go.


  • Stain Resistant: We incorporate best quality materials which are fabricated into a fine powder and applied by a thermal process. The process eliminates any pores in the surface where staining agents can grab, such as algae.
  • Crack Resistant: Our manufacturing process ensures the product is incredibly strong and flexible. The pool finish has proven to stretch 200% before it tears, removing any risk that the surface will crack.
  • Scale Resistant: Excessive calcium results in a residue that does not come off the pool surface easily. Due to the chemical attributes of the materials used by Jadan Pool Renovations the surface is not permeable to calcium.
  • Chip, Flake, Peel, Chalk Resistant: The cohesive polymeric surface applied will remain soft and flexible throughout its lifespan. This provides protection to harsh environmental conditions and resistance to chipping, flaking, peeling and chalking.
  • Fade Resistant: Your pool will retain its vivid, bright appearance. We use an innovative process that results in U.V. protection and colour stability. The product has been put through QUV Accelerated Weathering Testing to confirm its durability and resistance.
  • Slip Resistant: We can create an anti-slip surface on step treads, bench tops and pool entries so the pool is safe for all users.


  • Colour Uniformity: The application process presents an even and uniform colour over the entire surface. Pigments are encapsulated in the resin during the manufacture process, therefore providing a consistent colour appearance.
  • Choice of Colours: We have a range of different colours options. Colours come in variations of blue, white and grey and create a speckled finish.